Welcome to Antioch Campground . . .

Established in 1837 in Gainesville, Georgia with our first revival, under a brush arbor, families gathered together to celebrate after the harvest to worship God. Famlies would move their entire family along with their animals to survive for the week. The property that Antioch campground rests upon has been donated over the years along with some of the land purchased as little as $0.25. The property was given to the trustees to maintain for many future generations.

Today, the property is still maintained by the trustees and many families attend the yearly revival, also known as camp meeting. The spirit of fellowship, love and genuine concern for those seeking the Lord can be found here. The names of families staying here have changed over the years, but the love of the outdoors, departure from the fast pace of life in our busy worlds, still bring us here to find a retreat that is close to God.

Please join us at our next camp meeting and take the opportunity to experience God in a whole new way. This year we are celebrating our 180th year!!