Camp Meeting 2016

July 18th - 24th

Mark your calendars to join us for the week of campmeeting as well as joining us for "Dinner on the Grounds" on July 17th.
There are a lot of exciting happenings transpiring this year!
Check out the detailed schedule by clicking here.

Clean-up Responsibilities

The campground now has a lawn service that is taking care of the upkeep of the grounds and keeping the grass cut year round. There is still A LOT to be done for clean up and everyone's help and participation is crucial to make this amazing tradition going. There are jobs for all ages that can be done so please make it a point to come out and help!

Dinner on the Grounds

  • Date: July 17, 2016
  • Where: At the Arbor
  • Time: 5:30pm
  • Bring your favorite dish so we can have a feast! Lots of great food and fellowship.

Worship Team for 2016

Evening Worship/Service: Randy Strickland - Randy and his wife Evelyn are long time members of the Antioch Campmeeting family. We are honored that he is joining us this year to share God's message. Randy is currently serving as the head pastor at Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Atlanta.

Morning Bible Study/Worship Leader: Whit Martin - Whit and his wife Ashley currently serves at Smyrna First United Methodist Church as the Associate Pastor. What a special privilege to have one of our own leading our monring worship and Bible study. His roots go deep into the 180 years of campmeeting on these Holy grounds!

Worship Music Leader: Donaleah Dedrick - Donaleah serves as the worship leader at Antioch Methodist Church. She may be a new addition to the Antioch family; however, she has been a much loved addition with her amazing gifts and talents in music that she shares.

Children & Youth Leader: Tyler Reynolds - Tyler and Caitlin recently moved to Macon, GA where Tyler will begin Med School in the fall at Mercer University. Tyler is another lifelong member of the campmeeting community and has led our youth for the past several years. Caitlin recently accepted a teaching job in Macon at Macon Vineville Academy will not be available to join us this year to lead the children so Tyler has graciously agreed to take on the children's service in her absence.

Host Preacher: Michelle Rawdin - Michelle is the Lead Pastor at Antioch Methodist Church and requires no introductions as she quickly became and important part of the campmeeting family when she came to Gainesville two years ago. Michelle grew up attending campmeeting and has a love and passion for taking part in this special tradition. On a special note she just recently became engaged to Tim and we are excited about learning more about her special man and the future ahead!!

The Selection Committee is still seeking tentholders and campers to join! The Selection Committee will assist the trustees in selecting preachers to invite to the campground to lead our evening services. If you are intersted in joining this committee please contact Julie. Check out our current schedule to see what is in store for us this year at camp.